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Here are some interesting links and references about ‘design’. I’m happy for any new suggestions, or comments.




Design Studies, [subscription] Design Research Society's journal.
"Design Studies provides a unique forum for the discussion and development of the theoretical aspects of design, including its methodology and values. It is the only journal to approach an understanding of design from comparisons of its applications in all areas, including engineering, architecture, planning and industrial design."

Design Issues, [subscription]
"The first American academic journal to examine design history, theory, and criticism, Design Issues provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design." <>

International Journal of Design is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal. All journal content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5. License. <>

She Ji. The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation.

The Journal of Design Research. [Accessible at no cost] "An electronic site where refereed papers are placed throughout the year." <>.

The Design Research Society has links to several journals on their web site, <

Design and Culture explores the dynamic, contingent relationships between design and its many cultural contexts.

Design Studies Forum seeks to nurture and encourage the study of design history, criticism, and theory and to foster better communication among the academic and design communities

Design Philosophy Papers. The current issue is online and free. <>

FORMakademisk is a forum for documentation of research within design and design critique. This journal provides immediate open access :-) <>

Visible Language <>

The VOICE AIGA journal of Design, <>

Digital library and archives at Virginia Tech, has several journals on line:

Journal of Design Communication, The Journal of Design Communication (JDC) is a scholarly, refereed publication of the Design Communication Association (DCA) <>

Research into Practice conference, Working Papers in Art & Design, a refereed journal journal for research in art and design, <>

And Techné: Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, <>



Conferences, Proceedings:

NORDES Nordes – Nordic Design Research – is a network of people interested in design research and participating in the Nordes conferences, the Nordes Summer schools or other Nordes activities.
Nordes 2015, Design Ecologies - Challenging anthropocentrism in the design of sustainable futures, took place at Konstfack in Stockholm, June 7-10, 2015.

PDC, Participatory Design Conference A Portal to the Complete Archive of Participatory Design Conference (PDC) Proceedings:

Research Through Design biennial conference with open access proceedings.

The European Academy of Design, promotes the publication and dissemination of research in design <>
The Second European Academy of Design Conference, Contextual design - design in context, in Stockholm, 23-25 April, 1997. <>

IASDR, International Association of Societies of Design Research.

Research into practice conference. <>

The Basic Paradox. 30 papers from leading theorists in the field. Read! <>

Advance for Design. This special interest group (within AIGA) gives a voice to the many designers practicing Experience design and Information Architecture. <>

Design Thinking Research Society
5, Design in Context, Delft 2001. All presentations, discussions and papers are available on-line! <>
6, Expertise in Design, Sydney 2003, <>

Doors of Perception, Most papers from all the conferences and lots of other interesting stuff are on-line at: <>

Nordisk konferens kring designteori och designforskning, Lund 16-17/1 2001, (in Swedish) <>





I.D. MAGAZINE, International Design Magazine,

Mind Design, The Danish Centre for Design Research now publishes its webzine in English <>

Form. Svensk Forms tidskrift, <>

FRAME, interior design magazine by Frame Publisher

New Value by Design, from Philips

AXIS, English edition, <>

AMBIDEXTROUS, Stanford University's Journal of Design <

Interactions, ACM Interactions



Books, (& some theses):

Recent Swedish PhD thesis in Design, related to Designfakulteten Designfakulteten's PhD-students' doctoral theses

Frame Innovation, Create New Thinking by Design, by Kees Dorst. "Today’s problems are a new breed—open, complex, dynamic, and networked—and require a radically different response. In this book, Kees Dorst describes a new, innovation-centered approach to problem-solving in organizations: frame creation. It applies “design thinking,” but it goes beyond the borrowed tricks and techniques that usually characterize that term."

the semantic turn, a new foundation for design, (2006) Klaus Krippendorff. crc press, USA. An absolute ‘must read’ on how users and other stakeholders create meaning when interacting with artefacts. Klaus' presentation of the key concepts for a human-centred design, from his visit at ID Konstfack is available.

Making futures : marginal notes on innovation, design, and democracy A book on participatory design, commons, and many other important issues from the reserachers active in Malmö. Now as open acess

Design Research Through Practice: From the Lab, Field, and Showroom by Ilpo Koskinen, John Zimmerman, Thomas Binder, Johan Redstrom & Stephan Wensveen. Another "must read". This book should be interesting to students, practitioners as well as researchers in design and other fields. It embraces as multidisciplinary approaches to design activities. Published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

The Design Way - Intentional Change in an Unpredictable World - Foundations and Fundamentals of Design Practice, by Harold Nelson & Erik Stolterman is also an absolute ‘must read’ on design, the philosophy of design, design as the first tradition of inquiry known to humans. The 2nd edition (2008) is published by MIT. The 1st edition from 2003 is out of print.

Sanders, Elizabeth B.-N. and Pieter Jan Stappers (2013) Convivial Toolbox, Generative Research for the Front End of Design. Amsterdam:An extremely useful book both for creating and for reflecting. Bis Publishers

A free encyclopedia on interaction design, So far around 20 chapters, one on Contextual Design by Karen Holtzblatt & Hugh R. Beyer,

This is Service Design Thinking, Basics - Tools - Cases. This book presents many practices of design of services.


Designing with Video: Focusing the User-centred Design Process (2007) Ylirisku, Salu & Buur, Jacob Springer-Verlag London. A book and a DVD that together explains and shows many ways in which video can be used during design projects, both for research and industrial settings.

Design, Innovation och andra Praradoxer - om förändring satt i system. (2004) [in Swedish] Håkan Edeholts avhandling är mycket intressant för alla designintresserade med sin alltigenom ”designmässiga” hållning.

How Designers Work, – making sense of authentic cognitive activities. (1998) very interesting Ph.D. dissertation by Henrik Gedenryd in Lund, Sweden, <>

How designers think : the design process demystified, Bryan Lawson (1997) Discussions around and different models for the design process are shown. Among other things Lawson also shows that the design process involves a variety of different types of thinking.

What Designers Know, Bryan Lawson (2004) Architectural Press. About the knowledge that designers workwith and how they use it.

Herzian Tales, Electronic products, aestetic experience and critical design. (1999) Anthony Dunne. Royal College of Art, London.
Design Noir is a great book about the secret life of electronic objects.
(Dunne and Raby's web site <> )

Eternally Yours. The two books on a designersly sustainable approach, by Ed van der Hinte, are available at Google Books
Eternally yours: visions on product endurance, 1997,
Eternally yours: time in design : product value sustenance‎, 2004

Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design (2007) by Bill Buxton, Morgan Kauffman. A great book about the importance of exploring many different possibilities early on in projects with the help of sketches. Link to videos that the book comments on.

What things do : philosophical reflections on technology, agency, and design (2005) Peter-Paul Verbeek. Interesting book that discusses how technologies mediate our actions and our world perceptions from a philosophical point of wiew. Pennsylvania State University Press.

Designing Media, Bill Moggridge new book is freely available on the web both the text and the videos. Thanks :-)

Designing Interactions, (2006) Bill Moggridge, MIT Press

The Idea of Design, (1995) Edited by Victor Margolin and Richard Buchanan. MIT Press.

Design Discourse, History • Theory • Criticism. (1989) Edited by Victor Margolin. The University of Chicago Press.

The Psychology of Everyday Things, (also published as: The Design of Everyday Things), (1988) Donald Norman. New York. An absolut ‘must’.

Objects of Desire, (1986) Adrian Forty. Thames & Hudson, London.

The meaning of things. Domestic symbols and the self. (1981) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Eugene Rochberg-Halton. Cambridge University Press.

An introduction to design and culture in the twentieth century. (1986) Penny Sparke. Allen & Unwi, London

John Heskett (2002) Toothpicks & Logos, Design in Everyday Life (2002, 2005), Oxford University Press. “The best book I have read about the design process....” saysTerence Conran.
The same book is avaliable in Swedish as:
Design — en introduktion, (2006) Raster förlag.

Designmaskinen - design af den moderna verden, (1999) Engholm & Michelsen. Gyldendal (in Danish)

Reading Lists:
Z33 research's suggestion Design and Future Thinking. Reading Recommendations
John Thackara's <>
Erik Stolterman's <>
Design and the Social Sector: An Annotated Bibliography <>



Blogs, columns, ...

Erik Stoltermans Blog, Transforming Grounds <>

John Thackara's Doors of Perception

Jan Chipchase, Future perfect

Dori's Moblog - Dori Tunstall's design blog <>

putting people first daily insights on user experience, ... people-centred innovation

Alice Rawsthorn on Design in International Herald Tribune:

Design Observer



Cool and interesting stuff, ...

Helsinki Design Lab - helps government leaders see the "architecture of problems" and provide guidance toward more complete solutions that consider all aspects of a problem. Their mission is to advance this way of working, and call it strategic design. Many inspiring and informing publications on designerly ways of working

TED Talks - interesting, inspiring talks on Technology, Entertainment, Design,

Core77 - big on-line design magazine with lots of resources

Dott07, Designs of the time 2007 explored what life in a sustainable region could be like – and how design could help us get there.

infed the encyclopaedia of informal education. Exploring informal education, lifelong learning, social pedagogy and social action. Dewey, Schön, Action research, Communities of Practice, and a lot more: - interesting inspiring talks,

The History of Props: A Timeline of Props and Product Usage. A looong list of artefacts and the years they were first introduced. Originally intended for people dealing with theatrical props.



Videos, movies

Industrial Design at Konstfack Videos from lectures and seminars, among others Klaus Krippendorff. John Thackara, Anna Valtonen, and many more...ID-Seminars

Helsinki Design Lab on Vimeo.

Design Perspectives Lecture Series.

Nicolas Roussel's long list of videos

HCC Videos, at GATech

Collection of Videos in User-System Interaction and others.

Steve Benford's video page. Interesting games, etc.

Bill Buxton's videos, mostly sketches and prototypes. Companion to his book.

Videos and Movie Clips collected by Matthias Rauterber

Video prototypes for interaction museum.

STARFIRE, a Vision of Future Computing, an elaborate video prototype from the 92, <>

Design videos from Terry Love's All About Design Research



Lists, newsletter:

PHD-DESIGN is a discussion list open for unmoderated discussion on all matters related to the PhD in design. You may subscribe at the following site:

Design Research News is the electronic newsletter of the Design Research Society. It communicates news about research throughout the world. It is mailed automatically at the beginning of each month and is free. You may subscribe at the following site:



Organisations, conferences:

ELIA The European League of Institutes of the Arts: the primary international network organization of major arts education institutions & universities.

MEDes is a unique network of seven leading European design schools. During the five year programme, students are integrated into three design education systems and join a strong international community.

Designcalls A blog for posting announcements of calls for papers for design-oriented journals and conferences.

IASDR, International Association of Societies of Design Research. Proceedings from 2009 are available on–line at:

Design Research Society, full information about DRS may be found at:

The Design Council's purpose is to ‘inspire and enable the best use of design by the UK’. The website has tons of useful info at

Nordes, Nordic Design Research, an open network of people interested in design research, organizes biannual conferences and summer schools

Center for Designforskning

Nordcode, Nordic network for research on communicative product design.
Working papers:

World Design Organization (WDO), previously ICSID, is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1957 to promote the profession of industrial design. <>

ICOGRADA is an international professional body for graphic design representing national associations. <>

Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign, SVID. <>

IDSA, Industrial Designers Society of America, <>

IDSA SF, Industrial Designers Society of America, San Fransisco,

ACD, "The American Center for Design is a primary source of information about design and its role in our culture and our economy." <>




Web sites

Make Tools - Liz Sanders' web site with many of her excellent papers

Sharing by Design, Shareable

All About Design Research - info about research funding, scholarships, conference calls for papers, design research techniques and important information for design researchers and designers.

Design thinking - Seven ways of design thinking is explained in this teaching resource by Charles Burnette <>

NextDJournal - interesting interviews and more <>

Klaus Krippendorff, Redesigning Design. <>

Qualitative Research in IS - Michael Myers' site offers an excellent overview of philosophical and methodological perspectives on research and a good resource for design research as well.


Sonic Rim, offers an important and useful site on design methods applied to professional practice. <>

Arteology - research of the artifacts or science of artefacts, lots of interesting thoughts and information at the UIAH, <>


Virtual Training Suite - a set of online tutorials designed to help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet information skills. Now ther is also one on design, including links to resources. <>



Designers, objects, ...

Core77 - big on-line design magazine with lots of resources

Design at the Design Museum in London. Long list of designers... <>

IDE_VIRTUAL_DESIGN_MUSEUM, lots of nice photos of stuff designed by "big" designers for big manufacturers. <>

Design Index, a web site showing designers, producers and objects

@Issue magazine, <>

Design Engine, is a site full of design related information, particularly for American design companies. <>

Design Boom, articles and links, and ... <>

Graphic Design Gate lots of more links <>


About building web sites

Web Style Guide, from Yale. A rather complete introduction to building web sites. Now the second edition is available at: <>

Experience Design Resources, Nathan Shedroff has lots of good links and information, even about seduction. <>.




Practical Typography,

Collaborate Media. links to all things academic (books, articles, CFPs, conferences) within the academic fields media studies, interaction design, social innovation etc.

DART -- exists to extend collaborative professional research training for students who are studying for the degrees of MPhil/PhD, MA/MSc by research, or MRes. There is a focus specifically on ‘design’ rather than ‘art and design’ more generally. DART was originally funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.

Qualitative Research in IS - Michael Myers' site offers an excellent overview of philosophical and methodological perspectives on research and a good resource for design research as well.

All About Design Research - info about research funding, scholarships, conference calls for papers, design research techniques and important information for design researchers and designers.

Make Tools - Liz Sanders' web site with many of her excellent papers

Design thinking - Seven ways of design thinking is explained in this teaching resource by Charles Burnette <>

NextDJournal - interesting interviews and more <>

Digital research tools A wiki with information about tools and resources that can help scholars (particularly in the humanities and social sciences) conduct research more efficiently or creatively.


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