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Curriculum vitae


Bo Westerlund, PhD, MFA

At Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm, I supervise a PhD candidate in the Art, technology and design doctoral programme that Konstfack runs together with KTH.
I'm also engaged in the interdisciplinary research project
Space and place in end-of-life care.

Education (some)
1981-1985, Industrial Designer MFA. Konstfack, Stockholm. (170p)
1990 Ergonomics, Arbetsmiljöinstitutet, National Institute of Occupational Health. (15p)
2006–2009 PhD studies in Human–Computer Interaction with a focus on co-operative design processes. Earned the PhD degree with the thesis Design Space Exploration 2009-11-06.

Entrepreneurial and academic positions (some)
1985–1997, Starts, works in and owns the industrial design firm Industridesignbyrån* that carried out commisions in many fields for small and large companies.
1997– Starts and owns the design firm Andersson & Westerlund.

1993–2001, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Technique at the department of Graphic Design and Illustration, Konstfack, Stockholm.

1996–2009, Guest researcher at CID, Centre for User Oriented IT Design, at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Name changed to HCI, CSC in 2005.
2001-2003, Key investigator in “interLiving” a EU financed cooperative design project within the Disappearing Computer initiative, IST-FET.
2006-2008, Local project leader for the KTH part of the EU financed project NEPOMUK

2002–2004, Guest lecturer at the School of design Kalmar-Nybro at the University of Kalmar.
2004–2006, Visiting professor in Industrial Design at the School of design, Kalmar-Nybro at the University of Kalmar.
2006–2011, Professor in design methodology at the School of Design, University of Kalmar. 2010 this university merged with Växjö University into the Linnæus University,

2010–2012, Affiliated professor in in the subject area design methods with emphasis at early product development at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, ITM).

2011–2018 Professor in Industrial Design at Konstfack in Stockholm.

2012–2013, Director of Designfakulteten, D!, the Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education, (Designfakulteten, D!, in Swedish)

2018-2019, Professor at Konstfack and director of PhD studies, and mainly engaged in the Art, technology and design doctoral programme that Konstfack runs together with KTH.

Commissions of trust (some)
2010–2012, Appointed as a member of the Swedish Research Council’s (Vetenskapsrådet) Commitée for artistic research and artistic development work (KFoU).

2012, the chair of the D&R network, i.e. the 20 academic institutions in Sweden that are members in Designfakulteten (D!) and support it.

2015, General chair for Nordes 2015, Design Ecologies at Konstfack.

Contests, exhibitions and scholarships (some)
1985, Luntmakargatan*, Contest concerning public environment. Second prize.

1987, “58 Svenska Designer” *, (58 Swedish Designer) Design Center, Stockholm, and on tour around Sweden.

1998, “Interactive web”, a collaborative, interactive shopping cart that participated in the Art exhibition “Marknaden” (the Market) at World Trade Center, Stockholm and at two exhibitions at Konstfack. Made possible by Artistic Development (KU) funding from Konstfack.

2005, The Torsten Dahlin scholarship that supports knowledge development and research in industrial design. SVID on the motivation, etc.

2010 I was awarded the Design Research Prize, for my thesis.

(*together with Peter Johansson).

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