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I was recently professor at Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm, and director of PhD studies, mainly engaged in the Art, technology and design doctoral programme that Konstfack runs together with KTH. I now supervise a doctoral candidate.

My research has focus on the design processes, methods and approaches that designers can work with in order to create proposals for products, services and systems that will be regarded as meaningful by future users and other stakeholders. I am committed to narrowing the gap between cutting-edge research and current professional practice, and am especially interested in co-design and participatory design approaches, where designers, prospective users, and other stakeholders collaboratively create knowledge and imagine proposals.
I have created some publications and videos on co-operative design approaches (one is here below).


Reality based video prototyping from Bo Westerlund on Vimeo.

My background is in industrial design. I hold a PhD from KTH and I graduated with a MFA in Industrial Design 1985 at Konstfack. Together with Peter Johansson I ran the design consultancy Industridesignbyrån in Stockholm from 1985 until 1997.

I was recently professor in Industrial design here at Konstfack (2011-2018), and earlier professor in design at the School of Design at the Linnæus University, (Lnu) in the south east of Sweden.
1996-2009 I worked as a researcher at the multi-disciplinary research centre CID that operated for ten years at HCI, CSC, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm). One great co-operative design research projects I was engaged in was interLiving. The interLiving project's aims were to, together with families, create understanding and to develop innovative artefacts that supported needs of co-located and distributed families. This was three great years of EU-funded research. Some other projects were the EU funded projects NEPOMUK and MonAmi, the K-project, Garden of Knowledge, and Daphne. During these years I ran quite a few co-design workshops which is one foundation for my PhD thesis, Design Space Exploration.

1993-2001 I was a Senior Lecturer in graphic technology at Konstfack in Stockholm, the department for Graphic Design & Illustration.

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